We’ve tasted and tested wines from around the globe and shared the best with friends and clients. Now we want to share it with you.

Grape Intentions is the brainchild of Brett H. Freeman and Alex DelSordo, two friends with a passion for pairing great people with amazing wine. We believe that finding great wine doesn’t need to be complicated—and drinking it should always be enjoyable. Grape Intentions makes the wine purchasing experience convenient, simple and fun by choosing wine suited to each customer’s unique palate. We source best-in-class wines from around the world so that we can offer an experience that over-delivers on taste and quality.

Brett and Alex’s vision for Grape Intentions is also about helping customers connect with organizations that are making a meaningful impact in our communities. When you subscribe to Grape Intentions a portion of your cost goes to a charity you designate. At Grape Intentions, the fun is also in the giving.

Brett H. Freeman has more than 20 years of experience selecting the perfect wine to suit a person’s palate. Brett began his oenophile credentials taking wine classes at his alma mater Virginia Tech. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, where he studied wine under legendary sommelier Michael Weiss. Brett then made his name internationally as a pastry chef, working under acclaimed chefs including Gordon Ramsay, Yannick Cam, and Michael Bourdain.

Brett previously worked as Director of Operations for Best Cellars, a chain of “wine friendly” stores on the East coast, and as the General Manager of Burgundy Wine Company in New York City.

Brett is a member of the James Beard Foundation and the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Alex DelSordo is an entrepreneur with a passion for good wine shared with friends. His business expertise, positive energy and enthusiasm make the Grape Intentions customer experience convenient and enjoyable.