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No matter the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, friend-iversary, holiday, thank you or a, “I’m thinking of you,” a Grape Intentions subscription is the gift that keeps giving.

Share the experience and the knowledge that your gift also gives back to a great charity enriching your gift even further.


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Remarkable bang for the buck. Wine for everyday moments that will leave you smiling (and your friends VERY impressed).
1 bottle $20.00
3 bottles $60.00
6 bottles $95.00


Kick things up a notch with wines that have a touch of pedigree. Better vineyard sites equals better vino. A “making dinner for a second date” kind of wine.
1 bottle $40.00
3 bottles $100.00
6 bottles $175.00


These wines are about as good as it gets. Pampered grapes, outstanding vineyards, impeccable winemaking. A level of wine that can cellar for several years.
1 bottle $80.00
3 bottles $180.00
6 bottles $315.00

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